Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 16

As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm a day "behind" my original plan so that's why there's no "day 15."

The plan for today is a combination of reviewing the topics we've covered so far (proportions and percents, dimensional analysis, solving equations) and an introduction to graphing (beginning the transition from solving equations to graphing and interpreting them).

Today's opener reviews distributive property and solving equations with variables on both sides. (It's been a while since my last post, so just a reminder that we introduced that last Wednesday, reviewed it on Friday, and they were supposed to watch the video over the weekend. Day 16 is tomorrow, Monday.)

Today's lesson feels a little awkward because it's just a brief intro to graphing and then a review of other topics, but I still feel it's necessary. I think they need a little more practice with the concepts we've learned, and I also think that even though they've graphed on a coordinate plane before, they need a refresher on the basic structure (before we begin to go more in-depth over the next few weeks).

Tonight's homework includes asking them what we consider to be the x and y-axis of the Earth, what quadrant our school is in, and how the Earth is different than a coordinate plane. Then they'll need to complete the Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides pre-assessment on the Moodle (two questions very similar to the questions they will have on the formal assessment in two days).

I then ask them to create a blog entry describing how they solve 3(x - 5) = -7x + 12. I ask them to not only solve it, but explain their thought process as if they were trying to demonstrate this for someone who didn't know anything about solving these types of equations (this won't be due for two days to give them a little more time if they need it).

I then give them some optional practice problems, directing them to Coolmath or Khan Academy if they feel like they want some additional practice (as little or as much as they think they need - completely optional but I wanted to provide them an opportunity for more practice if they want it).

So, not the most interesting day, but again one I feel is necessary. Anyone have a different opinion to share?


  1. Karl, I'm so happy I came across your blog. Your attention to detail and organization in your presentations is spectacular. I know you mentioned that there is not a Day 15 posting. No worries. That's the life of a teacher. No matter how prepared you are, no matter how detailed your lesson plans are, it is absolutely impossible to follow them to the letter. Every once and a while you will have a hodgepodge of topics that are reviewed or taught in a single class period. These reviews are essentials, especially if the next topic applies concepts taught previously. Great job in archiving your lessons materials. Do you share these with students/parents/fellow teachers/administrators?

    Shannon Richards
    Middle School Mathematics

  2. Thanks Shannon. Yes, this is shared with anyone who's interested. Take a look at the class blog to see what the kids actually see.