Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 25

Today's opener builds on yesterday's lesson to see if they can construct a slope triangle and/or use the slope formula to find the slope between two points. Then there are two problems seeing if they can figure out the y-intercept from an equation in slope-intercept form, then a dimensional analysis problem involving texting and driving.

Today's lesson was then an activity with bouncy balls where they compare drop height with bounce height. Each group got a bouncy ball and a meter stick and had to record the mean of 3 bounces from each of 4 heights, then plot those points, sketch a line of best fit, and then come up with an equation for that line. They then use that equation to predict drop height and bounce height for a couple of scenarios.

Their homework for tonight is watch the Slope video and, optionally, do some slope between two points problems at CoolMath (they can do none, some, or a bunch, depending on what they think they need).

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