Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 18

Today we begin with our assessment over Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides, so the opener is simply this reminder slide:

The assessment is two questions, one a relatively simple equation with variables on both sides, and the second slightly more difficult as it involved using the distributive property first, then solving an equation with variables on both sides (very, very similar to the two problems on the online pre-assessment they should've completed on Day 16). I anticipate the assessment taking about 6-8 minutes (with some students being finished in two). When everyone is finished with the assessment, I then work the two problems on the smart board so they should have a pretty good idea of whether they got them right, and then that gets posted to the blog so that if they did miss them they can use that to study from for their re-assessment.

Then we move into the lesson for the day. I'll start with graphing two equations by using a table. My assumption here is that they've done this before this year, but many are probably not very comfortable with it. So we'll work through the two problems together and, for the second problem, talk about how it's often helpful to solve for y first to make this easier.

We'll then move into an application problem involving distance, rate and time.

My goal is to get them to be able to apply a recursive sequence (and looking ahead to applying a linear equation) to a semi-real-world problem, and also get some graphing practice.

Their homework for tonight is to watch the Graphing Linear Equations by Using a Table video,

and to check the portal for the results of their assessment and make an appointment to re-assess if necessary.

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