Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 26

Today's opener builds on what we did yesterday, as well as the slope video they watched last night. I'm trying to help them make the connection between slope and the graph, as well as between the slope, the graph, and the equation (eventually).

Today's lesson is a look back at some of the "application" problems we've done over the last few weeks, but trying to more explicitly tie them to the starting point/y-intercept and the slope/rate of change. I'm really trying to get them to think of the meaning of the y-intercept and the slope in these problems, as well as get them to begin to connect those ideas to the visual representation (the graph).

We'll work through the first 2 or 3 together, then they'll work on the rest by themselves. Depending on how far we get we'll save #6 for a later date.

Their homework will be to finish whatever problems we didn't get done in class (again, we may save #6 for later), to take the online pre-assessment over slope on the Moodle (assessment will be Friday), and (optionally) do some practice problems at CoolMath over calculating slope.

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