Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 19

Today's opener gives them another sequence and an opportunity to graph an equation by using a table of values.

Today's lesson is to explore time and distance relationships and to construct and interpret a graph from collected data. I've invited two of my assistant principals and my media specialist to join us in the gym hallway (long hallway not too far from our classroom), where they will follow a set of "walking directions" for 10 seconds. (e.g., walk at about 1 m/sec for 10 seconds; or walk at about 1 m/sec for 3 seconds, stop for 2 seconds, then walk at 2 m/s for 5 seconds; etc.).

Students are spaced 1 meter apart along the tape measure and as I count off the seconds they note the walker's position (if the walker is within 1 meter of the student). (I'm considering filming this as well so that they have the video to refer to later, but I'm worried that might be one thing too many.)

We'll have a total of 6 walks, then we'll return to the classroom. I will then collate the data for the first walk (maybe the first two if we have time), and then we'll work through graphing the data and answering the questions on the last slide. Then I'll collate the rest of the data and post it on the class blog later that day and they'll have to graph the remaining walks for homework (not enough time to collate all the data in class, so just getting them started so they have the idea).

Their homework over the weekend will be to finish the remaining graphs and to take the Graphing Linear Equations by Using a Table online pre-assessment (on the moodle).

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