Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 13

Today's opener reviews solving one-step equations, distributive property, and direct and inverse variation.

Today's lesson is an introduction to multi-step equations. We start by doing some magic:

We then reveal the secret behind the magic:

We then talk about working "backwards" and "undoing" the steps (doing the inverse operation/opposite).

Their homework for tonight is then to watch the Solving Two-Step Equations video.


  1. In opener #2, I'd make the instruction "multiply" instead of "simplify."

    I've done this same activity with a similar flowcharty-y visual. It works well, and today would be a good day to make sure everyone understands and can use "inverse." (Although if students still say "undo," that's fine.)

    Are you concerned that this lesson is a bit short? What's the plan if it is short?

  2. Raymond - Made the change on multiply in my opener, thanks.

    The plan if it's too short (although last year we never finished early) is just to do a few more similar to the last two slides.