Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 14

Today's opener reviews the distributive property and solving two-step equations.

Last year I just assumed that students were pretty good at two-step equations (they've had them before and they had the video for homework), but I think I need to spend another day to help solidify this. So we'll spend some time practicing with two-step equations and then extending our procedure to deal with equations with variables on both sides.

For homework they'll watch the Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides video.

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  1. Hi Karl,
    I know absolutly. Othing about algebra.... Ut i cancomment on the presentation. I thinnk your voice is easy to listen to and animated to the just right degree....somewhere between the Bueler, Bueler, Bueler guy in Ferris Buler's day off and TV pitch man....
    Enough to keep attention w/out distra ting from the content. I' m glad youn offer lots of examples. Do you have examples of how to use algebra in a "real world "way. That's the part i. Issed out on in school. I think you should have a lot of video and audiio.