Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 9

Today's opener reviews Order of Operations, solving a one-step equation involving multiplication, and a Dimensional Analysis problem. While they are working on the opener I'll be walking around checking to make sure they have at least the Self-Check problems from the video they were supposed to watch for homework.

Then today's lesson is to learn about Inverse Variations in the context of speed (d = rt). First, we take a look at this.

I solicit guesses but am not counting on them guessing - at least not until I pick up a tennis ball and start tossing it in the air and catching it. Then, perhaps. Then I'll show them this:

Again, they won't see this entire slide at once. I'll show them the top two images and ask them what question(s) we could ask. Hopefully they will come up with at least "how fast is it moving" and perhaps "how high was it dropped (thrown?) from. I'll then ask how do we figure out speed (based on last year, most students don't seem to really know this). I'll then display the equations and the additional pictures (and, with the picture of the meter stick, I'll open the original so we can zoom in on it to see the markings on the meter stick better).

After we figure out speed, then we'll work through these questions:

I'll then display these pictures for context and to see whether our answer seems reasonable.

Assuming that goes well (that may not be a good assumption, the students struggled with this last year), we'll move on to another rate problem. Using an excerpt I've edited from this video, we'll see if we can figure out Rich Eisen, Tim Tebow (bonus, since he's a Denver Bronco and a hot topic around here), and Jacoby Ford's (average) speed (again, borrowed from Dan Meyer). We'll then do a quick table of values and sketch the graph to (hopefully) notice this is not a straight line, and then define inverse variation.

If we have time, we'll then do a couple of skill practice problems (if not, we'll pick up with this tomorrow).

I'm not sure at this point whether I'll give them any homework or not, depends on how it's going. Most likely their homework will be to review their notes and determine what areas they are feeling comfortable with and what areas they need some extra help on.

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  1. I can see where you'll have to do quite a bit of hand-holding in this one, but that's okay so long as the class doesn't disengage while you do all the work. Good luck with this one!