Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 11

MAP Testing today, so no instruction.

I should've mentioned in yesterday's post, however, that I did give them a couple of assignments after the Skype session and our conversation yesterday.

First, I gave them a short set of review problems (pdf), since I'm worried I'm not giving them quite enough repetition. Those are due tomorrow.

Then I asked them to write their first reflection piece, as well as set some goals. I'm asking them to do this in Google Docs (in our Google Apps installation), so I gave them a brief set of instructions in case they weren't comfortable finding it. I created the document for them (in shared folders that I've created between each student and me) that contains the prompt, they just need to open it and type in it. I've previously asked them to login and check their email, so theoretically at this point they all know how to access it - we'll see. I've told them to check before the weekend to be sure they can get to it, otherwise they should see me for help on that.

Here's the prompt:
Looking back at our first couple of weeks in Algebra, how are you feeling? What’s going well or you are excited about? What’s challenging or are you concerned about? Please answer in complete, thoughtful sentences.

Then I want you to set three goals for yourself for this semester.
  • One goal specifically related to Algebra
  • One goal related to AHS in general (can be related to classwork, sports, activities or something else at AHS)
  • One goal outside of AHS
Make these goals fairly specific, not just “I want to get a good grade.” For each one, answer with what, why and how what is your goal, why is it your goal, and how will you accomplish it.

I’ll be asking you to revisit these goals toward the end of the semester and evaluate how well you’re doing on them, so make them be good. Please also use complete, thoughtful sentences for these.

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